Workforce Development

Welcome to the Fairfax Workforce Development Program

In an effort to assist unemployed and underemployed City of Cleveland and other residents, FRDC offers a workforce development program. The program focuses on soft skill development including building technology skills and access, financial literacy, referral to supportive services and training and internship opportunities. Orientation sessions are held Wednesdays at 10:30am at 8111 Quincy, Suite 100. Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete registration. *You must call and register for the orientation sessions at (216) 361-8400.

FRDC partners with employers, both large and small, community development organizations, community stakeholders, local government and other workforce providers to identify employment and training opportunities. As part of its development and planning activities FRDC works with companies locating into the area to assist with immediate workforce needs and assists with future needs by identifying future workforce requirements. FRDC recruits and screens interested residents for these opportunities.  

This program is supported by the Westfield Insurance Foundation & the City of Cleveland.

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