Master Planning

Beginning in the mid-1990s, Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation (FRDC) initiated a comprehensive master planning effort designed to be a powerful catalyst for launching sustainable community and economic development in the Fairfax neighborhood. The master planning process brings together community residents, institutional and commercial stakeholders, and governmental entities to create a shared vision for the redevelopment and revitalization of Fairfax. The Fairfax Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) has been updated every five years since then to reflect development opportunities and changing neighborhood needs.

The 2014-2019 SIP is the result of a planning process that collaboratively engaged residents, community leaders and stakeholders, and FRDC with input from the Cleveland Planning Commission of Cleveland, Ohio in updating the community vision and master plan. The SIP was approved by the FRDC Board of Directors in November 2013 and formally adopted by the Cleveland Planning Commission in February 2014. The SIP is now a part of the Connecting Cleveland 2020 Citywide Plan.

This planning process helped shape the six initiatives that are FRDC’s priority for the next five years. This suite of initiatives and strategies is conceived as a framework for future revitalization. It is designed to provide new, better, and more varied full spectrum housing options to meet the needs of local residents as well as bring new employment and cultural opportunities to the neighborhood. Reinvestment in arts and civic amenities will help fuel community pride. Neighborhood-serving retail will create new vibrancy on main street blocks, leveraging recent adjacent investments. New parks and open space will encourage higher levels of social interaction among neighbors. New relationships will be forged between the Fairfax community’s new employers — healthcare providers, corporations, service providers, and nonprofits — further enhancing the gains that can be achieved through the implementation of this SIP.

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