Acquisition/Rehabilitation & Home

In 1998 the organization implemented its Acquisition/Rehabilitation Program. The purpose is to address the abandoned housing stock in the Fairfax area by purchasing property that are vacant with strong foundations that can be rehabilitated and sold at a price that makes it affordable to low-moderate income families. This is an ongoing program that continues to speak to the need of providing affordable housing in Fairfax.

For more information about available houses for sale contact Debra Wilson at (216) 361-8400

Model Blocks

The Model Blocks Program is a strategic investment initiative that rehabilitates the exterior of owner occupied low-income homes in targeted areas within Fairfax. This free program allows eligible homeowners to make necessary repairs to the exterior of their homes including minor carpentry, painting, gutter repair, landscaping, porch repair, yard lights, minor roof repair, etc. The program increases neighborhood pride and attraction by helping to beautify and enhance the street and overall neighborhood appearance as well as helping to increase property values. The program also complements and leverages ongoing investment activities throughout the neighborhood.

For more information contact Debra Wilson at (216) 361-8400.

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