Neighborhood Parks and Recreational Center

Lucia Greens Seniors Park

A secured private park for residents at the Renaissance at Fairfax Park. The communal open space features a grill, picnic table and seating.

Quebec Serenity Park

A small neighborhood park at the corner of East 100th and Quebec Avenue near Bolton Elementary School. Quebec Serenity Park features gravel pathways, and seating areas, and is used frequently by the community for special celebrations for families and friends.

Quincy Gardens: A Community of Hands

Located at the corner of East 90th & Quincy Avenue. The Garden is a collaborative project between FRDC and many community stakeholders. The community space is an integrated garden featuring artwork, a food production site (which is maintained by Olivet Baptist Church), and landscaping.

The space showcases many art pieces including colorful birdhouses created by students at Karamu House and are displayed throughout the site. Through a partnership with Cuyahoga County Juvenile Courts Community Service Program and Center for Arts-Inspired Learning in partnership with a Safer Cleveland, the youth created a mural along the fence line that represents the Fairfax neighborhood.

Langston Hughes Reading Garden

The garden is located off of East 86th Street between Cedar and Quincy Avenue is a community green space that honors the late African American Poet, Langston Hughes. The reading garden complements the renovation of a former home that was once occupied by poet Langston Hughes when he lived in Cleveland and worked at Karamu. The reading garden features landscaping, a gravel walkway, seating areas, as well as artwork. The space is an area where families can come together, read together, and learn about the historical significance of Langston Hughes.

This summer youth from the Juvenile Justice Center will create a mural and artwork along the fence line depicting the rich history of the Fairfax and the poetry and life of Langston Hughes. A partnership with the Little Free Library will provide a permanent structure where youth and their families can pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share with others.

Langston Hughes Center Meditation Garden

Located at the Langston Hughes Center, the meditation garden offers an outdoor communal space for the seniors visiting Senior Outreach Services (SOS). The landscaped meditation garden features a walking path and seating area where seniors can socialize, exercise, and enjoy outdoors activities and entertainment.

Fairfax Recreation Center

The center located on East 82nd Street between Central and Quincy Avenues features an indoor pool, sundeck, meeting space, sauna, gymnasium and game room.

This community asset has served as a hub for over 50 years and plays a central role in the social and physical well-being of the community.  Contact Fairfax Recreation Center at (216) 664-4142.

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