Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center

Construction of the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center (CCJJC) began in 2007 on a 12 acre site at the southeast corner of East 93rd Street and Quincy Avenue. The $160 million investment is creating a 630,000 square foot facility that creates a unique environment for the intervention, rehabilitation, education of youth offenders, ages of 10 through 18, in a secure environment, including a staff of 125.

The CCJJC facility consolidates all court related and detention activities and replaces the former Cuyahoga County Detention Center. The nine-story tower accommodates the Juvenile Court system for the County. Secured parking is provided for Judges and related staff, other employees and the public.

Construction is expected to be complete near the end of 2010, opening the first quarter of 2011.